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   Custom Poly Mailer Bags / Bubble Mailers  (customised printing service)

Korcor Printing Poly Mailers Singapore

Custom poly mailing bags and poly bubble mailer printing    Material Co-Extruded HDPE / LDPE, Plastic (non-Toxic, Recycled polyethylene)
 Printing options Logo / wording printing : 1 ~ 2 colors
Custom design printing : 4C full colors
 Bag Size (mm/cm)
Ready-made standard size / Custom size (width x length x flap side)
 Thickness 0.07mm ~ 0.08mm according to order size
 Minimum Order Q'ty 1. Product only (without printing) : 200pcs (orderable in 200 unit)
2. Product with printing service : 500~1,000pcs (orderable in 500 unit)
 Printing service 1. Logo printing (1~2 colors): from 200pcs
2. Full color (4C) custom design printing : from 5,000pcs

 Printing artwork Adobe Illustrator AI file, ESP, PSD, PDF
Inquiry / Quotation sales@korcor.com
Please email the above specification first for quotation.
 Lead time Product only : 4~5 business days
1~2 color printing : 7~9 business days
Custom design, full color printing : 3~ 4 weeks including delivery

    Poly mailer, Courier bags / Poly bubble mailers  
(Custom printing service available)

Korcor PrintingPoly mailing bag products

( Opening edge to cut easily )   

( Hot Melt Adhesive )

  ( Wide Sealing Edge )

( Neat Packaging )

     1. Material : Co-Extruded HDPE / LDPE (Recycled polyethylene)
           - DPE (High Density Polyethylene : Matt, Low-elasticity, Popular & Economical plastic for mailer) * Non-toxic, Recycled Polyethylene
           - LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene : Gloss, High-elasticity, Soft & Stronger plastic) * Non-toxic, Recycled Polyethylene
      2. Tear resistance and Protecting Surface
      3. Hot-melt Strong Adhesive
      4. Wide Sealing Edge to protect side burst
      5. Printing Service available (Custom order)
          - Silk printing : for 1 or 2 colors *Minimum Order Quantity (500pcs/1,000pcs)
          - Gravure printing : for full colors (4C) * Minimum Order Quantity (10,000pcs)
      6. Various sizes (available 16 sizes as standard) * Another size available as custom order

(Poly mailing courier bags / Poly bubble/padded mailer envelopes)

HDPE poly mailer grey   HDPE poly mailer pink   HDPE poly mailer blue   HDPE poly mailer black

HDPE (Grey)
HDPE (Pink)
HDPE (Blue)
HDPE (Black)

HDPE poly mailing bag purple   HDPE poly mailing bag red   LDPE poly mailing bag silver   LDPE poly mailing bag white

HDPE (Purple)
HDPE (Red)
LDPE (Silver)
LDPE (White)

LDPE poly mailer bag yellow   LDPE poly mailer bag purple   LDPE poly mailer bag black   Metallic silver foil mailing bag

LDPE (Yellow)
LDPE (Wine)
LDPE (Black)
Metallic (Silver Foil)

Poly mailing bubble bag white color   Poly bubble mailing bag silver color   Poly bubble mailer bag blue color   Poly bubble mailer bag pink color

Bubble mailer (White)
Bubble mailer (Grey)
Bubble mailer (Blue)
Bubble mailer (Pink)


   Printing Service (Optional Service)
 1) 1 ~ 2 color printing : MOQ from 200pcs
      2) 4 C full color printing : MOQ from 5,000pcs

HDPE poly mailer printing 1 color   LDPE poly mailer printing 1 color   HDPE poly mailer printing 2 colors   LDPE poly mailer printing 2 colors

1C printing (HDPE) : from 200pcs
1C printing (LDPE) : from 200pcs
2C printing (HDPE) : from 500pcs
2C printing (LDPE) : from 500pcs

HDPE poly mailer printing 3 color   LDPE poly mailer printing- silver foil printing   HDPE poly mailer 4C printing-custom order   Poly bubble mailer 1C printing

3C printing : from 5,000pcs
Foil printing : from 1,000pcs
4C (full color) printing : from 5,000pcs
1C bubble mailer printing : from 200pcs

< Product Size of Poly mailer >
Customised size available as custom order

HDPE (width x Length x Flap)   LDPE (width x Length x Flap)

18cm x 25cm x 4cm
20cm x 30cm x 4cm
20cm x 30cm x 4cm
23cm x 33cm x 4cm
23cm x 33cm x 4cm
25cm x 35cm x 4cm
27cm x 38cm x 4cm
25cm x 35cm x 4cm
27cm x 38cm x 4cm
30cm x 38cm x 4cm
30cm x 38cm x 4cm
32cm x 40cm x 4cm
35cm x 45cm x 4cm
32cm x 40cm x 4cm
35cm x 45cm x 4cm
37cm x 48cm x 4cm
37cm x 48cm x 4cm
40cm x 52cm x 5cm
45cm x 60cm x 5cm
40cm x 52cm x 5cm
45cm x 60cm x 5cm
50cm x 60cm x 5cm

* Lager size available as custom order
* Guarantee lowest price in Singapore
* Lager size available as custom order
* Guarantee lowest price in Singapore

   Ordering Process  
of Custom poly mailer courier bag / Poly bubble padded mailers
     1. Decide above specifications (size, material, color and order quantity) first.
      2. Customer can place an order in 200 units (List price is on linked web-pages)
      3. If printing service is required, please decide printing color and request for an quotation by email (e-mail : sales@korcor.com).
          After confirmation a quotation, submit design file for a printing service. and We provide printing draft for customer's approval.
      4. We Issue a payment mode (for PayPal or Bank transfer)
      5. Production of poly mailing bags and delivery
          Lead time will it take around 7~9 business days (1~2 color printing) or 3~4 weeks (4C full color printing) including delivery after a payment.
      6. Product verification and completion.

      * As for License issues and order cancellation
        We proceed with printing according to the design file submitted by the customer.
        Not liable for problems due to design errors or customer's mistakes.
        The copyright of the design source applied to printing is the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for any copyright issues customer submits.

        After printing has started, it is impossible to modify the design data. so please be sure to check above design requirements and checking points before ordering.
        Please note that cancellation of order cannot be done for customized product once it has been started.


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