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     Premium Name Card Printing  (Luxury business card by digital / offset printing on premium paper material)

Korcor name card Singapore

Premium name card    Paper materials Metallic Stardream 240g~ 500gsm, Kraft 240 ~ 450g,
Nouveau 250~750gsm, Matt black 350~ 700gsm
paper materials
 Printing color 4C x 4C (full color both sides), 4C x 0C (full color one side)
Gold / Silver color printing available on Vent nouveau, Matt black only
 Size (by mm/cm) Standard size : 90 x 50mm / 91 x 55mm / 86 x 52mm / 85 x 55mm
Custom size : from 50mm(min) to 200mm (max)
 Order quantity available in 300 units (MOQ : 600pcs each for 2 names)
 Finishing options foil stamping, blind embossing, debossing, edge printing hot stamping, embossing, spot uv, die cut, raised ink (thermography)
 Inquiry / Quotation sales@korcor.com
Please email above specification first for quotation of luxury name card
 Lead time 6~8 business days including delivery after payment
 Printing artwork (Adobe Illustrator) *Photoshop, PDF acceptable

       Ordering Procedures  
for premium name cards

      1. Decide
printing size, paper material and order quantity first.
      2. Request a quotation with the above specifications by email. Quoted unit price depends on order quantity (volume discount) and printing options.

      3. After confirmation a quotation, submit design file for the printing. Please check below design requirements and layout guide in advance.
      4. We check the printability of submitted design. If customer wants our design support, the service requires a separate order.
      5. Issue payment mode (for PayPal or Bank transfer)
          PayPal payments (by credit or debit cards) : PayPal is a reliable payment system that protects buyer's payments until customer receives the completed product package.
          After payment. please let us know customer's full address with contact number for courier service.
      6. Production and Delivery : Lead time for luxury name cards will it take around 6~8 business days including delivery after payment.
      7. Product verification and completion.

       Premium Name Cards

Nouveau 700gsm | Edge printing | Debossing

  Nouveau 700gsm | Edge printing | Debossing

  Gold Beauty 300gsm | Gold foil stamping


Kraft 300gsm | Gold foil stamping

  Slin Black 380gsm | Blue foil stamping

  Slin Black 380gsm | Blue foil stamping


Art Board 300gsm
| Silver foil stamping | Die-cut

  Super Board 700gsm | White foil stamping

  Nouveau 700gsm | Edge printing | Foil stamping


Matt black 380gsm | Debossing | Die-cut

  Metallic ice 250gsm | Thermography (spot UV)

  Kraft & White 600gsm | Black foil stamping


Soft board 640gsm | Cooper foil stamping

  Double layered 650gsm | Foil stamping

  Skin black 380gsm | Red foil stamping


Gold gloss 300gsm | Debossing / Foil stamping

  Matt black 350gsm | Gold embossing & Foil stamping

  Natural 300gsm | Thermography (spot UV)


Nouveau 400gsm | Hologram foil stamping

  Metallic Board 300gsm | Foil stamping

  Skin orange 270gsm | Spot UV


Nouveau 350gsm | Debossing

  Nouveau 400gsm | Blue foil stamping

  Natural 300gsm | Thermography (Spot UV)


Nouveau 700gsm | Edge printing | Ffoil stamping

  Skin Black 760gsm | Black foil stamping

  Gloss Silver 300gsm | Debossing


Cream Board 350gsm | Thermography | Die-cut

  Nouveau 350gsm | Gold foil stamping

  Matt Black 350gsm | Black foil stamping


Black & White 600gsm | Foil stamping | Gold printing

  Art Board 300gsm | Thermography (Spot UV)

  Art Board 400gsm | Blind embossing


Nouveau 700gsm | White & Silver foil stamping

  Metallic silver 400gsm | Debossing | Foil stamping

  Nouveau 700gsm | Foil stamping | Debossing


Transparent PP 240gsm

  Transparent PP 240gsm

  Translucent PP 240gsm

    Template Guide for premium name cards

     Set up bleeds (extended area to be trimmed off after printing.)

     1. By 1mm each for all sides : top, bottom, left and right (width 2mm, height 2mm)
     2. For example, if an order size would be 90mm x 50mm, the printing artwork size should
         be 92mm x 52mm. The margin is filled with background color or extended design.
     *  Download "Design template" for premium name cards on the linked Dropbox (Link)
printing guide 1

    Design Requirements
     1. Color mode : Set CMYK mode in document information (Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop)
     2. Apply "Create outline" to font (texts, wording) * in Adobe Illustrator : Type > Create outlines
     3. Apply "Rasterize" to image and blended objects (with opacity and gradients applied)
     *  Details of design requirements (Link)
     *  If customer needs our design support, please order a design work separately.

    Layout Guide
for premium name cards

printing layout 1 of name card

     1. Place the front design on the left and the reverse design on the right.
     2. In case of vertical design or portrait type, place the design by turning it 90 degrees
         counterclockwise. (Please see the sample image below)
     3. Be sure to group all objects
     4. Make the design document to actual size. (smaller or larger size unacceptable)

     * For further inquiry, please let us know anytime by e-mail (sales@korcor.com)


     As for License issues and order cancellation

     1) We proceed with printing according to the design file submitted by the customer.
     2) The copyright of the design source applied to printing is the responsibility of the customer.
     3) After printing has started, it is impossible to modify the design data.
     4) Please note that cancellation of order cannot be done for customized product once it has been started.
     5) For errored or defected product, please claim within 3 days after receipt of the completed products. After checking the status, we will refund or reprint for the faulty products ASAP.

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