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Printing Format and Templates of Korcor Stationery

Stationery Templates of Korcor Printing Service Singapore



  1. Name cards (link)

      - Standard name cards, Premium name cards, Thick name cards, Plastic name cards

  2. Stickers (link)
      - Custom sticker, Label printing, Die-cut sticker, Transparent sticker, Removal sticker, Metal sticker

  3. Invitation Cards (link)
      - Invitation cards, Wedding cards

  4. Custom Printing (link)

  5. Brochure / Catalogue (link)

  6. Flyer / Leaflet (link)

  7. Folders (link)

  8. Envelopes (link)

  9. Ticket / Voucher (link)

10. Sticky Notes (link)
      - Custom sticky notes, Hardcover sticky notes

11. Paper bags (link)
      - Custom Paper bag printing, Kraft paper bag, Non woven bag


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Name Cards Sticker / Labels Invitation Cards Stationery printing Large format printing Sticky Notes printing Custom bag printing
Standard name cards
Premium name cards
Thick name cards
Spot UV name cards
Plastic name cards
Custom sticker
Label printing
Die-cut sticker
Transparent sticker
Removal sticker
Metal sticker
Large format sticker
Invitation card printing
Ready-made invitation
Wedding cards
Greeting cards
Custom printing
Plastic printing
Wall decal sticker
Custom wallpaper
Wall murals
Poster printing
Die cut large format
Custom sticky notes
Die-cut sticky note pads
Hardcover sticky notes
Paper bags
Custom Paper bag printing
Kraft paper bag
Non woven bag
Canvas bag
Plastic bag

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